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About Us

Our vision is to glorify God by reaching up to Him in worship, reaching out with the gospel and reaching in with compassion to our church family.

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Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 in the sanctuary for a time of fellowship, encouragement and teaching. We also have Sunday School classes available for every walk of life. Find one that fits you and your family at 9:30am.

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FBC Albion offers several ways to get involved not only locally with our church body, but also throughout the community.See all our upcoming events here.

Parkland: Tears, Prayers, and Waking Up! (Part 2)

(Pastor Tom finishes thoughts from Part 1 where he introduced the first of 3 thoughts regarding the “why? behind school shootings.)

A second thought we must consider is the effect of the idea of “choice” when it comes to taking the lives of the unborn. Taking life while in the womb is being defended and heralded as a “right” by many in the public education system. Is it not the a logical and yet tragic next step for the student to extend that “right to choose” taking a life outside of this twisted and man-made boundary? If the choice to end a life in the womb is touted as justifiable because of reasons involving inconvenience, facing real hardship, bad timing, and “just not being ready” – wouldn’t it be just as easy and logically consistent to Read more

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Satan, The Fall, And God’s Remedy

Genesis 3

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Getting The Proper Understanding of God’s Word

John 1

Evan Bahmer

Wisdom For Our Work

Colossians 3:22 – 4:6

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