Building & Grounds

The Building and Grounds committee is a group of men that take care of the physical building. This week they fixed a pew, repaired a leak in the roof, replaced ceiling tiles and burned out bulbs. If you notice something that needs the attention of this committee there are “Maintenance Request Forms” on the bulletin board outside the church office. Fill one out and leave it in the “completed” envelope. If you would like to help with the work of B&G They meet {Insert Date}

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a group of First Baptist members who oversee the finances of the church. This includes proposing the budget each year, after reviewing the spending and needs of the past year. The Treasurer, Gayle Brankovich, is responsible for the home account, tracking expenses and paying bills. Charla Stankiewicz, being the Financial Secretary, records all the giving and keeps the records of every person who give to the church. Arlona McCallum keeps the mission accounts and sends the support to our missionaries. Other members of the committee are Pastor, Chuck Estep, and Dave Brankovich. We thank God for directing these people in this service.

Missions Committee

The Missions Committee of FBC meets monthly to oversee the care and support of our missionaries. They are responsible for keeping the church informed and planning events and meetings that help our church be faithful in Great Commission projects. As they do this they are also in regular contact with our missionaries trying to see what is needed and how FBC can help.

We currently support 18 missionaries, including two families sent by our church. In the last ten years one of those families, the Markley’s, were able to reach an unreached people group in Papua New Guinea. One of the visions we have in the next 5 years is to help see the entire Bible translated and published in the Dinangat language, the first ever for this people group.