About Us

About Us

Our vision is to glorify God by reaching up to Him in worship, reaching out with the gospel and reaching in with compassion to our church family.

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Visit Us

Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 in the sanctuary for a time of fellowship, encouragement and teaching. We also have Sunday School classes available for every walk of life. Find one that fits you and your family at 9:30am.

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FBC Albion offers several ways to get involved not only locally with our church body, but also throughout the community.See all our upcoming events here.

Kids can know the Bible?

A mom shared that her 5 year old son was running around the house yelling, “Za—rub —a bell”. After some confusion and several questions she found out he had picked this up in Sunday School at our church this past week. It’s amazing what kids pick up on and what they remember. It is important for every parent to acknowledge the fact that we can often short-sell the amount of truth our children can process.

The name he was enamored with was Zerubbabel, the man who returned to Jerusalem and was used by God to help rebuild the temple. In an age where many believers have opted out of knowing God’s Word, Sunday School may be one of the key ministries that is consistently helping build a knowledge of the Bible. Many adults have no clue about Zerubbabel’s service for God, let alone pronouncing his name.

According to studies, the average child spends between 3-5 hours a day with screen time. What? I know that statistic amazes me, well actually it floors me. It makes me realize that we allow a myriad of “messages” into our children’s lives. It also makes me prayerful about the necessity of getting “The message” into their minds and hearts.

I’m thankful for the loving attention a group of teachers at FBC Albion provide to children to help teach them about God, His Word, and His ways. I love the wonder of children as they play and sing. Their imagination does not need to be solely about Marvel or Mattel characters; set them loose to think Biblically. Let them yell “Za—-rub —- abell” instead of “Superman”. Let them be loved and find God’s love at Sunday School – who wouldn’t want that type of “facetime” and impact for their children.

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