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Our vision is to glorify God by reaching up to Him in worship, reaching out with the gospel and reaching in with compassion to our church family.

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Racism hurts my heart: Reminders from a weekend of Hate

“Racism hurts my heart.” I posted this statement this weekend on my Facebook site along with an article that called upon white Christian conservatives to oppose white supremacy. The things we have seen come out of Virginia involving hatred, bigotry, and ethnic arrogance are absolutely opposed to the Bible and the message of Jesus Christ. It is important in the face of current events to bolster our Biblical standing on what God says and commit ourselves to living in light of it. With that said here are a few reminders for us:

There is one race: Adam’s.
The reality is that God created one race when he created Adam and Eve. These are the two people from which we have all descended. People of every ethnicity, nation, language, and skin color have this common ancestry.

Every individual regardless of differences is highly valued by God.
In an age where we tend to like rankings and enjoy crowning champions, the prideful tendency is to bring this rankism into ethnic and cultural distinctions. The problem is that the only distinctive ranking God established in His creation is that humans were created above the rest of creation, not above each other. God made us differently than everything else –He made us to bear his image. Every living soul is highly valued because every person bears in them the very image of Creator God.

The ethnic diversity before God’s throne must motivate us.
John’s vision in Revelation displayed a beautiful future reality: “all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues” gathered before the throne of God. This glimpse into eternity stands in opposition to all supremacy and elitist ideologies that attempt to elevate their distinctions and disrespect others’. God finds beauty in diversity and brings together not one supreme people group but every people group to display a full array of His glorious creation. This vast vision John saw should motivate us to work across the social/ethnic barriers that sin erects by valuing each and every person and look for ways to love and serve each other.

Finally, I want to close by sharing a word of optimism and faith.
While the hatred of white supremacy and any racial bigotry saddens me to see, I walk away from this weekend with optimism. “How can that be?”, you may ask. Well, it’s because as I looked at the news and my personal social media accounts, what I saw unified all of us. No one was defending these actions in Charlottesville. Everyone I heard from saw this as evil. In a postmodern world that likes to espouse things as relative and question the existence of truth, a weekend of seeing evil on display reminds all of us that there is such a thing as evil and there is such a thing as truth. It reminds us that truth and love are virtues we all desire and that when someone exhibits their opposites, we are all worse off. My prayer is that when we see evil on display, we would realize that we have a God who is defined by Truth and Love who is calling together His own rally at the end of this age; a rally which all are invited to participate in and no one will be excluded based on nation, color, or language. Lets move forward with God’s rally in mind and motivating our daily mission.

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